Find out how we combine Art and Sport to put them at the service of Your Projects

THEOffer of Personalized Artistic Services of the Art of Victory was born from the deep desire to share our taste for Art and Sport.

ThroughEvents and/or Unique Artistic Achievements, we put the strength of these two passions at your service.

So, strong in this concept Arts and Sports bearer of values, you will tap into the dynamics of Transcendence and Aesthetic to enhance Your Image and meet your communication and public relations challenges. To bring your projects to life, Kader Klouchi and l'Art of Overcoming offer you different options.

Services for Clubs and Sports Federations

Creation of personalized artistic trophies

Live artistic performances

Order of textiles (T-shirts / caps)

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Services for companies

Creation of tailor-made prizes and corporate gifts

Live artistic performances

Inspirational speeches, team cohesion program

Logo design

Decoration of premises

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Services for Communities

Infrastructure development

Educational programs

Live artistic performance

Creation of bespoke prizes and gifts

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Tip: How to Benefit from the Tax Benefits linked to Art

From a financial point of view, support artistic creation can have particularly interesting advantages in terms ofTax optimization.


Depending on the situation of your company, you can opt either for the Corporate Sponsorship, or for the Leasing of Works of Art.