The Evolution of a Work of Art....

My Work "Finish Master" and its journey.


Discover the story behind my most iconic sculpture!

From a piece of wood salvaged from the ground, how did I manage to design my first work in bronze, and what other reproductions have emerged before?

The incredible adventure of a log told in this blog! 

Each work of art has a life of its own, a personal story.

And my first bronze sculpture is no exception!


Lover of sport and art as you know, I had been drawing for a while when the sketch of this athlete at the end of a sprint came to my mind, and at the edge of my fingers.

Crossing the finish line, it was all the energy of his race and the release of his victory that I saw appear under the grain of my charcoal.



But that was still not enough to satisfy my thirst for creation, and this drawing placed on the paper called me for help to give it the wings of 3D life.

Instantly, I knew the exact shape and dimensions of the piece of wood that would allow me to give life to the sculpture that was materializing in my mind.

After some quick research, I found what I was looking for in a cherry wood log of ideal proportions.

A month of work later, of cutting with wood chisels and an adze, of concentration, of escape in reality, my Finish finally revealed itself.

Sculpted, sanded, varnished, here it sprang from my imagination to vibrate with all its vitality in my hands as an accomplished artist.



For many years, I presented this sculpture at exhibitions or in a more personal setting.

It has always aroused great interest, and I was of course flattered, but above all sincerely happy to perceive that I was not the only one to feel its strength and soul.

This is how a jeweler friend, an artist of the precious, offered me to reproduce this sculpture that I loved so much, in a unique jewel that he would create in his workshops at the cutting edge of technology but also, and before everything, know-how.

Through the magic of this art of jewelry, a superb pendant, an exact copy of my Finish, was born before my amazed eyes.


Very often I have been offered to sell this sculpture, sometimes at prices exceeding anything I could have imagined.

But until then I had never managed to take that step.

A whole month, spent tirelessly digging, all day long and without interruption, my piece of cherry tree… the result was like a part of me from which separating seemed unthinkable.

Over time I have measured the interest of continuing to bring my wooden works to life in other homes, like so many seeds sown to share and prolong the life of my creations.

And the idea of ​​exalting this dissemination even more then imposed itself on me, in the form of reproductions in Bronze.

My Finish was therefore molded, then cast in this first alloy.


And that's how my latest work could be announced to you recently!



All the creations shown in this article are for sale.

Contact me for more information, I will be honored to share with you a bit of my world…



Kader Klouchi