Kader Klouchi - The Athlete

 Athletic career of Kader Klouchi

2009  French Record Veteran M40 (7m19)

2008  Veteran Indoor World Champion (7m13)

2003  Selection European Cup - Florence (Italy)

2002  French Indoor Champion

            Finalist at the European Championships - Vienna (Austria)

2001  Champion of France

            Selection at the World Championships - Edmonton (Canada)

1999  Selection at the World Championships - Seville (Spain)

1998  French Record 8m30

            Champion of France

            Finalist at the European Outdoor Championships - Budapest (Hungary)

            Finalist at the European Indoor Championships - Valencia (Spain)

1997  French Record 8m28

Champion of France

            Qualifications for the World Championships - Athens (Greece)

            1996 Vice Champion of France 

1995 Champion of France

1994 Interrupt injury

1993 Champion of France

Winner European Cup - Basel (Switzerland)

1992 Champion of France

Qualification for the Olympic Games - Barcelona (Spain)



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