Creation of tailor-made prizes and corporate gifts

The Art of Victory, the other way to reward

To value the efforts of your employees and thank your customers, we create Rewards and Personalized Business Gifts,faithful to the codes and values ​​of your organization.

The Art of Victory offers you an original way to highlight the talent of your champions.

Different products can be considered, based on your request and according to your budget:

  • Chinese inks
  • Sculptures (Wood, Bronze, Metal)
  • Metal plates, laser cut design
  • Personalized Products (Textiles, goodies, etc.)
  • Reproductions (coaster, Forex, aluminum…)
  • Original canvases in all formats (from postcard to large format)

Live artistic performances 

During a Dinner, a Reception, an Inauguration or an Award Ceremony…, captivate the attention of your guests with a Live Event Painting Animation; Kader realizes for you a Original creation according to the theme of your choice. 

Installed among you during the event, Kader will be inspired by the energies of the moment or will follow your requests in order to paint a picture in the presence of all the guests.

Inspirational speeches, team cohesion program

With a rich and singular life course, Kader KLOUCHI is an inspiration to many.

In his desire to transmit the Values ​​of Sport and his taste for art, it organizes and animates your Team building workshops and programs around these two axes, in order to Motivate but also to Inspire Hope and new ideas that can lead to Change

Perseverance, Passion and Determination are the hallmarks of his personal journey to Sporting and Artistic Excellence.

  • Presentation of its history and its itinerary
  • Introduction to Art, painting, its various techniques
  • Demonstrations and sports training sessions

Decoration of premises

You would like to give your employees, customers and visitors a new and pleasant experience of your premises.

Paintings, Sculptures, Wall decorations, Signage, transform and give a soul to your workspaces, meeting rooms and public spaces thanks to the Artistic Creations by Kader.

A formidable vector of communication, Art is taking an increasingly important place in the life of the company; to provide a welcoming environment for your employees, to give a feeling of prestige or to support the Artistic creation. 

For employees who spend time in the office, a pleasant working atmosphere is conducive to creativity and motivation. 

In addition, Art Exhibitions projects can unite individuals around an idea and promote teamwork (collaborators can, for example, be involved in the selection of exhibited works).

To realize this type of project, Kader can make some of his Works available to you. 

Logo design

Kader KLOUCHI works for your company the logo that will symbolize your brand.

Contact us to discuss together your desires and our solutions