Creation of personalized artistic trophies

The Art of Victory, the other way to reward

Reward the performance and value the exploits of your Athletes with Personalized and original trophiesAsked created exclusively for you.

The Art of Victory offers you an original way to highlight the talent of your champions.

Different products can be considered, based on your request and according to your budget:

  • Chinese inks
  • Sculptures (Wood, Bronze, Metal)
  • Metal plates, laser cut design
  • Personalized Products (Textiles, goodies…)
  • Reproductions (coaster, Forex, aluminum…)
  • Original canvases in all formats (from postcard to large format)

Live artistic performances

During a Competition or a Sporting Event, during a Reception, an Inauguration or a Prize-Giving Ceremony..., captivate the attention of your public with a Live Event Painting Animation;Kader realizes for you a Original creation according to the theme of your choice.

Installed among you during the event, Kader will be inspired by the energies of the moment or will follow your requests in order to paint a picture in the presence of all the guests.

Also, we prepare the poster for your event and remain at your disposal for any other service.

Order of textiles (T-shirts/Caps/...)

Creation of textiles specifically dedicated to your discipline and/or your competition.

Contact us to discuss together your desires and our solutions