Ambassador of Art breathed into the World of Sport

Kader Klouchi, Olympian, Long Jumper, Painter, Sculptor.

One man, multiple perspectives.

“Sport to nourish the body, art to nourish the soul.” – Kader Klouchi, creator of emotions

The favorite Theme of Kader's work is Movement, for which he finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration through Sport. By a Unique Artistic Style, Kader asserts its affiliation with the World of Performance and Competitive Sport.
His desire to immortalize these Moments of Intense Energy and surpassing oneself, directs him towards the realization of personalized works dedicated to Sports, and Lover of Art and Sport.

a Wide Range of Disciplines is represented.

The Expression sought is that of a Powerful and Liberating Gesture, which suggests more than represents. He found the ideal texture in acrylic worked with a knife.